Predictvia for Startups

If you are a startup founder, you will read a ton of advices about how to achieve success or avoid failure. However, in the end it all goes down to one thing: finding out if customers actually want what you’re building, while spending as little time/money as possible.

Predictvia provides several tools for testing your product or ideas in a fast, cost-effective and precise fashion. Here’s how we add value to startups:

  • Base count: It answers the question “what’s your market potential”, which is key both for your strategy and for potential investors. It means counting how many individuals in a given region are or could be interested in a product/service such as the one you’re building.
  • Features evaluation: As you’re building your product, and releasing versions of it, you need to understand how different types of users/customers evaluate every single feature of your product. Having that knowledge is key for critical decisions like what changes should be made to increase your chance of gaining critical mass.
  • Decision-making model: This procedure basically discovers the variables that shape a decision making process relevant to using/buying/subscribing to your product. Think of variables such as “price”, “availability”, “brand’s prestige”, “thrill factor”, etc. These variables are measured against a “decision” that is typically made by your potential customers. The most usual case is the process of “buying”, but it could be different processes where a decision has to be made by people.
  • Custom-made research: Obtain specific insights about your potential market.


  • Raw data: You will receive data in a structured format, in case you want to run your own analysis of the collected responses.
  • Interactive dashboard: Data is processed and analyzed as it’s received. The results are displayed on an interactive dashboard which allows for an easy navigation through the results. Importantly, the user of this dashboard can generate crossed-visualizations as required. Example below:

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