About Us

Innovative data analysis methods for generating immediate and actionable consumer insights.

Some facts about Predictvia:

It was founded in August 2013 as an exploration laboratory for Artificial Intelligence techniques, applied to the analysis of data of individuals.

Accelerated by “Blackbox” (Miami-Dade, January 2014: 1 of 10 global ventures) and by “Google for Entrepreneurs” (Blackbox: Palo Alto, August 2014: part of 3 ventures of a group of 15 selected to remain in residence).

By December 2014, we finished our first version of a proprietary platform of Predictive Analysis, specialized in machine learning classification.

Focused on "data-as-infrastructure”. More than 30 projects have been executed in areas, such as: projection of intention to vote and election results, classification of potential buyers for stores and e-commerce, measurement of TV audiences, credit score modeling, development of market response models for fast food restaurants.

In December 2015, we signed an alliance with Google for partnership as a developer on its self-identified data platform (Google Surveys): 1 of only 6 companies worldwide.

In September 2016, in collaboration with Google Surveys, we released a targeting parameters effectiveness measurement product, for marketing campaigns on digital platforms.

We have developed self-service products to generate: actionable insights from consumer markets, data for targeting ads, TV audience measurement, predictive analysis of ZIP-codes, influence marketing efficiency measurement, all based on automatic learning models.