Our platform monitors and controls coordinated efforts to manipulate public discourse through fake social media accounts and other digital assets.
Using Machine Learning & Automation, Predictvia is in the front line of the fight against misinformation.




Interest groups  aggressively position ideas on social networks.

These ideas are specifically designed to try to manipulate the position that the general public has on any given issue of collective interest.

These groups are using increasingly sophisticated tools:

  • They have the ability to post false information
  • They have the ability to place specific messages that influence an individual’s beliefs, emotions and traits



Predictvia is inspired
by a “white-hat hacking” approach and uses this approach to bring balance back into the "public conversation" on topics of collective interest.

We develop and use the same tools used by interest groups that seek to "hack" positions on on a particular topic, to then turn them against these very groups. This includes:

Detection of attempts to disseminate false information on a topic, as well as attempts of scale manipulation through social networks.

Actions to counteract detected attempts to disseminate false information on a subject or attempts at scale manipulation.


Users of our platform


Corporations or private business groups

Their product lines and services may be under attack through attempts to influence the public's perception of these products and services.

Their organizational values and missions may also be under attack through attempts to alter the public’s perception of the organization’s image and reputation.


Social or political organizations

Their ideas and positions may be subject of attack, through attempts to influence the public's perception of them.




Predictive Analysis

Beliefs and Emotions

“Hidden” patterns are detected using Machine Learning techniques on massive data sets. These techniques help classify and group participants in social network environments according to categories such as Beliefs and Emotions.

Predictive Attributes

A set of algorithms that allow the extraction and evaluation of content attributes that, in combination with other contextual variables, are better predictors than an effective propagation of a given content.


Generation of
Synthetic Information

Use of Generative Adversarial Networks to produce synthetic information which appears to be generated either organically or naturally.


Texts generated by systems that learn and reproduce the way humans write.


Images generated by systems that learn to represent the appearance of a human being.